Intelligent mobility analytics through superior insight & AI-driven predictive models

Built on principles of machine learning, our enhanced predictive models have been created to spot patterns and deliver relevant RAM (Risk Adjusted Mile) output


Pricing & Underwriting

A range of scores and insights that deliver enhanced underwriting and optimise profitability.

Unique Customer Engagement

A suite of personalised services and features to encourage safer driving and reward loyalty.

Risk Management

A behavioural science driven programme with timely and effective risk notifications and interventions.

Claims Management

Automated incident detection and filtering enabling streamlined FNOL and related processes.


Working closely with you to implement successfully, offering product design flexibility and risk insights

Minerva translates driving telemetry data into relative and actionable intelligence based on how much, where, when and how customers drive.
Our analytics capability has been developed by industry-leading data scientists and actuaries using over a billion miles of driving and claims data.

Product Features

Just some of Minerva's capabilities:

RAM Output
Risk classification through individual risk-adjusted-mile driver scores.
Customer Interface
Delivered seamlessly through user-friendly fleet and personal dashboard.
Profit Optimisation
Insights that enable best practice to increase profitability.
Claims Management
Automated incident detection with streamlined FNOL and processes.
Timely and effective risk notifications and interventions to better manage risk.
Data Source
Device or connection solutions to deliver driving data in real time.
Theft Tracking
Always know where every car in your fleet is with GPS tracking.
Across Industries And Sectors

Car Manufacturers
Fleet Operators
Government and Public Sector